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Welcome To East Valley Green Exterminator Company...when we come to your home or business...We are Green All The Time!

Green Exterminator

Truly Green Pest Service is a pest service company that specializes in green pest control. Our company began business in 2002 as Statt Pest Prevention. In 2010 we changed our name to Truly Green Pest Service. We recognized the need to become a more environmentally safe pest control company. The need for green pest control is beneficial to our environment and our customers who depended on pest control for their home and business needs.

Green pest service is better known as integrated pest management. Green pest service utilizes techniques that involve less chemical applications. We provide more inspections that create a preventive style of pest control.

 Truly Green Pest Services program is designed to provide a pest-free environment for any establishment through the use of integrated pest management with focus on pest prevention services. The difference between pest prevention and pest control is that we guarantee a pest-free environment through a Five step Integrated Management Approach that includes:  

  • Step 1:The inspection process (continual inspection of the entire business)
  • Step 2: Mechanical Exclusion (Sealing insect and rodent access areas)
  • Step 3:Insect Baiting Technology (baits enable specific pests to be targeted with bait placements.)
  • Step 4:Liquid Material Application (Is done primarily as a perimeter barrier around the exterior of the structure.)
  • Step 5: Dust Material Application (Done in void areas to prevent pest infestation.)



Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations so our technicians focus on organic pest control service that reduces reproduction. Our company focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects live and breed, plus entry points into the living space. Our exterminators take a proactive posture against insect invasion by using green pest control servicel that works to eliminate the colony and establishes long-term protection to stop the insect invasion.  


The first impression of your business is very important to prospective customers. Having pests running around definitely will turn customers off and you will lose business. Our company have been solving commercial pest control problems throughout the Kanssa City Metropolitan area since 1994 and now, Arizona!  Our staff of highly trained pest control technicians will identify the problem and develop a program that will effectively eradicate pest in a green exterminator way.


Service Areas

We service most of Arizona. If you do not see your are please give us a call for an appointment to go green:

Pest Control Mesa AZ

Apache Junction Pest Service

Pest Control Phoenix

Chandler , AZ

Tempe , AZ

Gilbert , AZ

Queen Creek Pest Control



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