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Green pest control seems to be the trending buzz word. However, talking green and being green are two different things. "We are green all the time." We are honored to be one of the companies who practices green service in it's Kansas City.

Our pest control company cares about our environment . The environment includes all of the living and non-living things such as air, water, plants, soil, and wildlife.

Pesticides can be helpful when dealing with pests in our environment when they are used properly. We have experience in caring for families across Kansas City since 1994! Our exterminators solves pest in a manor that makes service safe for you and your family.  


Green pest service is nothing more than using common sense to service issues. Here are a few tips:

  1. Using knowledge about the pest's habits, life cycle, needs and dislikes
  2. Using the least toxic methods first, up to and including pesticides
  3. Monitoring the pest's activity and adjusting methods over time
  4. Tolerating harmless pests
  5. Setting a threshold to decide when it's time to act


  1. Services included are: Monthly & Bi-Monthly Options
  2. Termite inspections, treatments & warranties
  3. Roach control and removal specialists, 'same day' service
  4. Rodent control and Removal Services
  5. Bird control & deterrents
  6. Residential and commercial pest service
  7. We specialize in HOAs, managed properties

Truly Green Pest Service in Kansas City is in its 14th year, owned and operated by Kansas City family. Truly Green Pest Service offers affordable, quality, dependable service. No contracts are required. Our great service is our contract and keeps customers loyal to Truly Green Pest Service.  Proudly serving Kansas City Metropolitan communities, in Kansas City, Olathe, Lenexa,Overland Park, Shawnee,Independence, Blue Springs, North Kansas City, Raytown, Lee Summit and more!


Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations so our technicians focus on organic pest control that reduces reproduction. Our company focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects live and breed, plus entry points into the living space. Our exterminators take a proactive approach against insect invasion by using the latest green applications.


The first impression of your business is very important to prospective customers.You have one chance to make a good impression. Having pests running around definitely will turn customers off and you will lose business. Our company have been solving commercial pest control problems throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area since 2002! Our staff of highly trained technicians will identify the problem and develop a program that will effectively eradicate pest in a environmental pest friendly solution.


Service Area

We service the Kansas City metropolitan area. If you do not see your area, give us a call for an appointment to go green:

Belton, MO

Grandview, MO

Lee Summit, MO

Blue Springs, MO

Independence, MO

Gladestone, MO


Overland Park,KS

Shawnee, KS

Lenexa, Ks