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I'm Seeing Gnats in the Kitchen

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

You may notice something fly by your eye and wonder what it was. Chances are that is just a gnat. While gnats do not carry disease they can become a nuisance and can drive you crazy by swatting at them in vain. Gnats may be caused by a series of things like:

gnats  fruit flies

2017-10-08 16:50:14

Day Care and Pest Management

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

In today's fast paced and expensive environment, daycares play a critical role as both parents work. Daycares are the one alternative to allow both parents to continue to generate income. However, there's a few important factors in choosing a daycare. One important factor is green pest control That Truly Green Pest Service provide. Hopping In endorses Truly Green Pest Service as the go to natural pest control company in Kansas City, MO.

pesticides and daycare  Pest Control and daycare  Daycare

2017-08-26 20:28:16

Public Enemy Nuisance Bed Bugs

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

Signs to look for in Bed Bugs

  • Blood Marks, Dark Fecal Spots, Eggs, And Egg Shell Casings

Bed Bug Locations Bed Bug Signs Bed Bug Symptoms

2017-08-11 20:08:21

Things you did'nt want to know about ticks

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

You probably heard all over the news that tick season is in. You may have even read a few stories that the ticks can cause parallelization of children and even you beloved animals. Ticks can carry disease such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia (rabbit fever).

Tick Season  Tick Disease  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

2017-06-28 13:41:14

How to Kill Silverfish

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

Silverfish is about 1/2 inch long with silver or gray colored bodies. and moves very quickly through out your home. Most people believe that silverfish begins in the attic. That is not true

How to kill silverfish what kills silverfish wha

2017-06-09 12:45:50

I Seen One Bed Bug

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

You see one bedbug scurring across you bed. This site will drive you into a crazy home. I have seen people literally want to move out of their home because of bedbugs. Well the good thing about bedbugs is that they are not always numerous.

Bedbugs  bedbug exterminator  Bedbug bites

2017-05-04 22:20:00

Tick Season Is Here!

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

Tick season is here. We had alot of rain and the weather is begining to warm.  This is the perfect storm for these little spider like blood suckers.  Extra precaution should be taken when walking your pets in the dog parks. You should also, dress accordingly to keep ticks from laching on to you. These  little creatures pack a hell of a punch that will put you on your back. It is called lyme disease.

ticks bites  Lyme disease  dogs  deer

2017-04-14 20:43:12

How to Prevent Roaches

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

Roaches are one of the loan survivors of all times.  They can enter your home via, suitcase, grocery bag, and neighbors as well as family friends who move in with you.  Just remember one word to combat roaches.  That word is Mr. Clean.

roach exterminator  roach extermination  Kill roaches  exterminator

2017-03-03 18:32:36

Pesticde and Pets

Green Pest Control
Category: Green Pest Control

Truly Green Pest Service use products that are safe around your pets and family.  We are conscious that your pets love to play in the yard were pesticides are often applied.  Pets are a part of your family and you do not want them getting into anything that will harm them.  This is why you should use Truly Green Pest methods to treat around your pets. We use natural pest control methods around your pets.

Here are some tips to reduce risk when using pesticides around pets:

pets pesticides green pest Control green pest s

2017-01-29 23:42:41

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