Essential oil treatment is safe around children and pets, are free of synthetic fragrances and not cruelly tested on animals.  WE HAVE IT!

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We offer green pest control throughout Kansas City. Natural, organic and green! Safe around family and pets!

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Pet Safe & Child Friendly

Do you have pets or kids? We are natural and green with botanical based products. Pet safe and child friendly pest control.

Kansas City Pest Control|Truly Green Pest Service

petapprovedpestcontrolOne of the first things people ask us before we service their home is;  Is your services safe around pets. This is a very important question to ask when hiring an exterminator. Pets are a very intrical part of the family.  In most families pets are peoples to speak.  At Truly Green Pest Service we use botanical pest control solutions to keep pets safe. Green Pest Control is our policy.  Dogs and cats rome the house and have a king since of smell as well as curiostiy.  Pets need to be protected from chemicals as they cannot protect themselves. Our solution is simple. No chemicals allowed.

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what's in your house ?

Green Pest Control Roaches


Spreads dysentery, food poisoning, diarrhea. German cockroaches are scavengers that eat what you eat!

Kansas City Pest Contol Services Ants


Invades home and food pantry's, picnics and yards. Ants can infest your kitchen, panty, sink area and all of your home from top to bottom

Kansas City Pest Control Service bed bugs


Bed Bugs are not known to transmit diseases to people.  Signs and symptoms of bed bugs are red spots on bed and  bites on upper extremities...etc

Kansas City Pest Service Rodents


Spreads hantivirus, bubonic plague, salmonella. Rodents leave droppings anywhere as well as urination...Nasty! The bad part...Its in a home near you!

Kansas City Spider Control


Spreads Lyme and Staph. Spiders can be venomous and inflict at the site of the bite. The most dangerous in America ...Black Widow and Brown Recluse

Kansas City Pest Control Services Termites

Wood Infesting

Consumes and destroys wood in homes. Termites are not the only wood infesting insect. Carpenter Bees and Carpenter Ants love your home!