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Natural Pest Control

Ticks or Comming!

Image result for TicksTicks  are tiny pesky insects mainly present in shady, wet, brushy, wooded, or grassy locations.  Ticks usually do not fall from trees, fly, or jump; myths that crop up simply because they can often be discovered biting up high on our bodies.  They cannot jump or fly and generally climb onto a host from the ground, shrubbery, or low dangling branches.  Ticks have a complex, 2-3 year lifecycle.  The perimeters of woodlands and foliage litter are high-risk.

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Botanical Gardens and Truly Green Pest Control

Summer Pest Issues

Summer Heat

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Pest control

Services is tough enough during the course of the year.  However, summer heat brings on a new type of problem. 

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

BedbugBed Bugs are nearing plague proportions in many areas ranging from residential homes to 5 star hotels.

Bed bug control should be dealt with quickly and immediately by a Truly Green Pest Service. a Kansas City Bed bug control company, to ward off a plethora of uninvited conditions including disease, frightening, sleeplessness and serious mental distress.

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