Giant BeeThis bee is supposed to be the world largest bee. Thank God it’s not here in Kansas City, MO. Not to worry. It is not in the states. This rare bee was spotted on an Island in Indonesia. Very nice...not to close to home.

This bee is called the Wallace’s Giant Bee –Megachile pluto.  The female bee can reach 1.5 inches and when she spreads her wings, it’s an impressive 2.5 inches.  Now that’s a bee. I can imagine it packs a pretty good sting.  Out of the male and the female, the female have large jaws. It’s the larger of the two.

The Wallace Bee has been known to build it nest in trees were active termites inhabit.  Keep in mind…this is not in the states yet. And, I hope you are not scared of bees up to 3 inches long.

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