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Ant Control Begins by taking a few simple steps. Have you ever woken up, wandered into your kitchen, to find a trail of Ants 5 feet long extending to a piece of food that was left out on your kitchen counter overnight?

Ant Control -We then select the bait that will be most attractive to the ant species and time of year, then target application of the bait. To effectively control ant populations, the proper bait needs to be taken back to the nest and fed to the larva and queen.

A ant control expert can spray the outside and inside of the home in order to protect it from pests or get rid of existing colonies. Most exterminators currently incorporate “green” practices, using less toxic products. Our ant control professionals will analyze your home's ant threat and determine the the method best suited for your situation. And to help ensure ants don't return to your property, Action offers complimentary visits between services.

These tips of information is what you can expect when a Truly Green Pest Service exterminator shows up to treat for ants. Ants can be pesky and hard to to get rid off. They could be carpenter, pavement, or crazy ants. That's just naming a few.

At any-rate, getting rid of ants is no easy task. The wrong application then you run the risk of budding...simply meaning, they will scatter all over your home.

Got Ants? Call Truly Green Pest Service for your pest control needs...Did I say...we are GREEN!

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