Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bugs are an epidemic in America. At one point in time you will get your fair share of bed bugs. Rather you stay in a hotel, motel or go to a movie. You will most likely come incontact with a bed but,  The king of Hitch hiking.  Truly Green can keep your home or business from these dracula blood suckers. 

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Bed Bug Information Center

Bed bugs are one of the scariest bugs on earth when they are in your bed. They not only make your skin crawl they can dig into your skin and suck your blood. Have you seen a bed bug? Would you recognize a bed bug when you see it? I have assembled a group of images to show what bed bugs look like and how did I get bed bugs?  Truly Green Pest Control is efficient in detecting bed bugs and providing treatments. Look at what we have assembled for your knowledge in these blood sucking pest. 


Bed Bug Control

We partner with food and bevarage plants and Truly Green implements pest management programs that enables your food processing facility to meet and exceedall third-party inspections and any internal quality assurance audits. When pests threaten millions of dollars of product, you need a partner who understands your business and that’s Truly Green Pest Servicel.


Multi Unit Housing

Pest can cause problems throughout your apartment complex including disease to your tents and litigatiion suits against your team.  Truly Green Pest Control can help you eliminate pest in and around your apartment complex.  We are the most trusted Natural pest control in Kansas and Missouri. 


What Cause Bed Bugs

Healthcare is the most important place when it comes to preventing sickness and disease. Truly Green is the most trusted name in healthcare because we integrate a proactive plan to combat pest infestations before they enter the building.  Pest in healthcare facilities is a serious threat and can cause millions of dollars in law suits.  Truly Green Can help you focus in patients and business.


Signs of Bed Bugs

Truly Green  provides pest control services for hundreds of restaurants and foodservice establishments throughout Kansas City and Overland Park, KS. Competition is fierce and there is no time for a pest sighting in your business. Customers simply dont return and they will YELP you with a rating that is undesirable. Truly Green Pest Control is king of eliminating pest in restaurants.


What Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed Bugs can give you the recognition that you long been waiting for.  A spot on the front page and a 2 minute spot on the news to tell how disgusting the experience was at your hotel, motel or commercial lodging resort. Don't let your reputation go down the drain.  Our technicians will inspect each room with percission and will keep bed bugs out of your place of business. 


Bed Bug Yearly Plan

Our sacred place is our schools. This is where kids learn, and kids are kept safe. It is only correct to say that each schools should be pest freen from toxic chemicals. Truly Green keeps pest out through natural pest control . Would'nt that make you happy to know your school supports green pest control?


Bed bugs were transported from around the world. Not by flying or crawling. They are the supreme of hitch hiking. Bed bugs were discovered in the early 1700's and was in epidemic by the 1940's. Bed bugs were so bad the potent DDT was used and some believe today that people still suffer from the effects of the Harsh chemicals.  The Bed bugs are associated with 30 different diseases however, they do not spread disease to human.  They do bite and will cause to itch and leve red welps on your body. 

Behavior and Biology

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

What To Do

What We Do Bed Bugs can multiply quickly, so early detection is critical to help prevent an even larger infestation. Our integrated approach protection process works to assess your home, implement solutions, and monitor any bed bug problems you may face.


It is true that bed bugs are found around your bed. However, bed are not the only place these blood suckers are found.  A thorough inspection needs to be done with furniture, light sockets, electrical outlets, baseboards and headboards.


Once your bed bugs are found we will inform you on what you need to do.  Such as: Wash all linen an store it in a safe place. Remove all artifacts from counters and cabinets. Make the treatment process as accessible as possible to the bed bug specialist.


At Truly Green Pest Service, we will help you  choose the best solution to your bed bug problems.  We can use traditional treatments, steam ,vacuum and dust treatments

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