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Carpenter Bees

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Spring time is a festive time. We've waited all winter and finally we get to dust off our decks and put up our new deck furniture. The enjoyment of spring is dashed by the presence of humongous bees floating around your deck. You may think something this big will

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2018-05-20 12:00:20

Carpenter Beatle Bites

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Carpet Beetle Bites

Do Carpet Beetles Bite?

Well the good news is the carpet beetles do not bite, however, the news gets even better.  The adult beetle does not feed on fabric.

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2018-05-14 17:08:58

Essential Oil Alternative to pesticides

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Category: Green Pest Control

Experiement with essential oils as an all-natural solution for pest Control

Essential Oil for Pest Control

Essential oils have been used for centries.  Well what need to be know is that is a great alternative source for pest control when combined with low rish pest control practices.

Essential oils are well known for the health benefits and when needed it can be combined with other oils to repel and eradicate pest entirely.  Can you imagine a home that is pesticide free. Imagine what effect that will have on your health and environment.

Types of Essential Oils to Repel Bugs

For most pests, all you have to do is mix about 15 drops of oil per one cup of water and place the mixture in a squirt bottle and spray entry points and areas the pests are commonly found. Check out the list below to see the most common types of pests and the main essential oils that can keep them away.


2018-04-22 02:43:00

Kill Bedbugs in 5 minutes

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Category: Green Pest Control

Is it possible to kill bedbugs in least than 5 minutes?  If done correctly we can eliminate bedbugs in your home. You don't have to pay the excructiating cost of e eradicating bedbugs with expensive heat and traditional bedbug treatments.  A heat treatment can cause as much as $3500 dollars or more. Regular traditional chemical treatment can cost as much as $650,00 to $1450.00 dollars...depending on how many rooms you have. Is There an alternative?

And each treatment requires extensive preperation. Or you can opt to have a regular treatment without prep on a quarterly basis... as seen above. If you keep a home that is clean like above and well organized, this may be for you.  Treatment on a quarterly basis can cost  as little as 150.00 per quarter.

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2018-04-10 22:58:00

Pregnancy and Pesticides

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Category: Green Pest Control

Significant exposure to pesticides is a concern for adults, children and particularly expectant mothers. Garden insects, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches are just some of the reasons that women commonly spray pesticides around their

home. Pesticides and insecticides contain chemicals that are used to attack the nervous system of the insects and cause them to die. Research From Duke University also said that chemicals can have an adverse effect on our nervous system as well.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the nervous system is rapidly developing in your baby, so you definitely want to avoid any type of contact with pesticides during this time.

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2018-02-04 16:08:00

Rodents Like to stay warm

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Category: Green Pest Control

Its that time of year again when mice are tryng to keep warm- temperatures are droppng and like every thing in the winter, living things seek warmth.  Where is that warmth? Your Home!

Rodents are familiar pests in foodservice environments because their three basic needs – water, food and shelter – can all be met in a home setting.  Rodents, like humans, like to be comfortable.  So


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2017-12-17 04:01:00

I'm Seeing Gnats in the Kitchen

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Category: Green Pest Control

You may notice something fly by your eye and wonder what it was. Chances are that is just a gnat. While gnats do not carry disease they can become a nuisance and can drive you crazy by swatting at them in vain. Gnats may be caused by a series of things like:

gnats  fruit flies

2017-10-08 16:50:14

Day Care and Pest Management

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Category: Green Pest Control

In today's fast paced and expensive environment, daycares play a critical role as both parents work. Daycares are the one alternative to allow both parents to continue to generate income. However, there's a few important factors in choosing a daycare. One important factor is green pest control That Truly Green Pest Service provide. Hopping In endorses Truly Green Pest Service as the go to natural pest control company in Kansas City, MO.

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2017-08-26 20:28:16

Carpenter Ants

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Category: Ants

Carpenter Ants are very common in Kansas and Missouri. Despite what people think, carpenter ants are benificial to the

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2017-08-12 20:38:55

Public Enemy Nuisance Bed Bugs

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Category: Green Pest Control

Signs to look for in Bed Bugs

  • Blood Marks, Dark Fecal Spots, Eggs, And Egg Shell Casings

Bed Bug Locations Bed Bug Signs Bed Bug Symptoms

2017-08-11 20:08:21