In today's fast paced and expensive environment, daycares play a critical role as both parents work. Daycares are the one alternative to allow both parents to continue to generate income. However, there's a few important factors in choosing a daycare. One important factor is green pest control That Truly Green Pest Service provide. Hopping In endorses Truly Green Pest Service as the go to natural pest control company in Kansas City, MO.

Most American day care centers are rated "fair" or "poor":

A 2007 survey by the National Institute of Child Health Development deemed the majority of operations to be “fair” or “poor”—only 10 percent provided high-quality care. Experts recommend a ratio of one caregiver for every three infants between six and 18 months, but just one-third of children are in settings that meet that standard.

When looking for a daycare it is important to look at the qualifications of the facility. There is a lot to look for when intrusting your child to an all day daycare. At Truly Green Pest Service we will urge you to look at the sanitation practices of a daycare. Some daycares have an enrollment of over 50 children. And because most daycares are not state run, they are not inspected on a regular basis. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for great problems including pest and pesticides around your children.

To learn more on how to choose a daycare, we recomend getting more advice from Hopping In ...a daycare scheduling and professional advice company.  Hopping In endorses Truly Green Pest Service as a leader in providing Green Pest Control to Daycares in the Kansas City, MO area.

At Truly Green Pest Service we employ methods that are safe around kids and pets. We will not place pesticides around children that may have respiratory, allergies, and allergic reactions to pesticides. We will employ botanical solutions and Integrated Pest Management.

There are six components to Integrated Pest Management. These components very depending on the structure treated. However, the below procedure is standard for all facilities employing safe and green pest control.

  1. Pest identification to determine which pest and method of eradication is needed
  2. Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage
  3. Guidelines for when management action is needed
  4. Preventing pest problems through exclusion
  5. Using a combination of biological, cultural elements such as, moving water and shelter, and possible temperature control.

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