This has been a busy month for storms. With storms come rain and sometimes very heavy. In the winter brings snow with water runoff...what shoud you do?

When applying pesticides it is important to pay attention to the weather.  The weather forecast will tell you rather it will rain or will their be gusty winds.  If it is raining heavy then your application that you worked so hard to lay down will get washed away. This is another reason it is a good idea to use green pest control services.  If the wind is blowing then your application can drift to unattended targets.  Water runoff is why we end up with pesticides in our water systems.  So before hiring a exterminator, take it from Truly Green Pest Service, we all ways check the weather.  If the weather is not in our favor, then we will reschedule the service and not take your money until we can give you 100%.

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2017-01-29 23:13:03
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