Silverfish is about 1/2 inch long with silver or gray colored bodies. and moves very quickly through out your home. Most people believe that silverfish begins in the attic. That is not true

Silverfish starts from the outside and work it way up the side of your home into the attic. This is why it is important to take care of silverfish from the outside first. Silverfish like humid moist conditions that are usually dark, so when employing an investigation, always check areas that are high in moisture and humidity. Also areas that are hot such as attics.  Silverfish diet consist of starchy products from paper to glue.  Occasional leather our fur.  Here are a few tips for investigating and destroying silverfish populations:

How to Get Rid of Silver

Locate source of infestation

Treat all crack and crevices

Use boric dust in wall voids and pipe areas

Check all cereals, flours and wheat products for pest

Remove excess papers, cardboards etc..

2017-06-09 12:45:50
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