You see one bedbug scurring across you bed. This site will drive you into a crazy home. I have seen people literally want to move out of their home because of bedbugs. Well the good thing about bedbugs is that they are not always numerous.

They fact of the matter is that they hitch hike and may not come in large numbers.  Here are a few takeaways to consider berfore requesting an all out assoult.

THE SOURCE? No matter the type of account or number of bed bugs found, the curious bed bug inspector needs to determine the likelihood if the bed bug was simply “dropped off” or if there is a more significant infestation of breeding adult bed bugs lurking nearby.  Usually in residential settings bedbugs or more relevant due to the long term stay of the host.

In doctor offices, hotels, and clinics....Bed bugs uually do not set up camp. The reason is the host are always on the move, in and out of doctors office, hotels and clinics.

Key Takeaways
•    Take a deep breath — a small number of bed bugs in an account is not always a sign that a large infestation is present.
•    Some commercial accounts — schools, public transportation, office buildings - are more prone to “transient” bed bug sightings.
•    A comprehensive inspection of the account must be done to determine if a larger infestation is present and what treatment options are required.
•    A pest management professional’s response to finding a small number of bed bugs should be measured and focus on solutions that are appropriate and reflect the level of the problem.

2017-05-04 22:20:00
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