Its that time of year again when mice are tryng to keep warm- temperatures are droppng and like every thing in the winter, living things seek warmth.  Where is that warmth? Your Home!

Rodents are familiar pests in foodservice environments because their three basic needs – water, food and shelter – can all be met in a home setting.  Rodents, like humans, like to be comfortable.  So


when the weather gets colder, they want a warm haven.  Since rodents will eat most of the same foods that people do, your home can be just as appealing to a Norway rat as it is to your spouse who loves his lazy boy chair. 

The best way to prevent rodents from infesting your home is to thwart their efforts to enter the building in the first place.  Work with a pest management professional to implement the following prevention measures and stop rodents in their tracks:

  • Keep the interior and exterior of the facility as clean as possible.  Excess food debris offers rodents an attractive and easily accessible food source that will keep them coming back.  Odors are a powerful attractant as well.  Dumpsters should be routinely cleaned and rotated, and outside trashcans need to be covered tightly to protect them from scavenging rodents.
  • Eliminate excess water or moisture in and around the facility.  While mice can absorb enough moisture from their food, rats need a water source to survive.  Eradicating these water sources will reduce the probability of a rat infestation, in addition to other potential pest problems.
  • Make sure all doors and windows shut properly.  Mice can squeeze through openings the width of a dime, and rats only need a space the size of a quarter to enter.
  • Trim all vegetation back two to three feet from the side of the building.  If feasible, consider installing a 30-inch wide gravel strip around the restaurant’s exterior.  Rodents avoid being out in the open, and this exposed buffer can prevent them from venturing too close to the building.

The best way to make sure all precautions are in place. Call Truly Green Pest Servce for help.


2017-12-17 04:01:00
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