You probably heard all over the news that tick season is in. You may have even read a few stories that the ticks can cause parallelization of children and even you beloved animals. Ticks can carry disease such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia (rabbit fever).

Ticks are as gruesome as Bed Bugs, They both suck blood from a host. However Ticks have a wide range of host such as rodents, dogs, cats, cattle, fox, coyotes, and even horses.  The fact that the tick travels around so much makes it a vector of diseases. They are easy to conceal into cracks and crevices because their bodies are flattened from top to bottom. Their mouth parts are piercing and protrude from the small end of an unsegmented pear shaped body.  

Ticks are found on the host. But they are not on the host all the time.  They feed three times during their life stages. Larva, nymph, and adult stage. When ticks are not engorged with blood they are less than a quarter inch long.  Now imagine an engorged tick full of blood. These ticks extend to the size of a pea or even a grape.. They are not exactly red, but pale in color, tan or brown with dark brown legs. 

Ticks can inflict terrible diseases that's delivered by the bite with toxic saliva. The interesting part of the bite is it is not usually toxic until the third day of engorgement. Therefore, if you can remove the tick immediately....the chances of contracting the disease is greatly diminished.  So , check your self for ticks daily for your pets safety and yours. 

Here are a few names of the main ticks we encounter: 

  1. Brown Dog Tick
  2. American Dog Tick
  3. Blacklegged Tick
  4. Lone Star Tick

Tick Control:

I always get asked about control of ticks in the yard and around the property. One of the first things you should do is make sure your animals are treated professionally by a veterinarian. Next step is to maintain your yard landscaping to an acceptable level, meaning: Keep grass, shrubs, bushes and other vegetation, especially along paths and your animal trails at an acceptable level. Ticks will hide in the vegetation and as you pass by they simply drop from the vegetation onto you are your pets.  It is important to service your yard and home with a products labeled for ticks.  Make sure that all pet bedding is treated as well.  

Anymore information about Ticks fell free to call Truly Green Pest Service at:  816 377 2811

2017-06-28 13:41:14
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