Commercial Pest Control

Pest infestation can cause you to lose a hard earned reputation.  Loss of revenue and customers as an entre. Truly Green Pest Control can eliminate any pest infestations your business my encounter and allow you to spend time growing your business and keeping retention of customers and happy employees. 

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Commercial Industries We Serve

For over 15 years Truly Green Pest Control has helped businesses across a wide range of industries combat insects, rodents and pest bird infestations. We have a proven track record that has a history of handling the toughest and easiest business in town ...Kansas and Missouri.  Our approach is simple. Every business owner has a different profile. One size does not fit all. Each business plan is talored to fit your existing issues of pest concerns.


Food and Beverage

We partner with food and bevarage plants and Truly Green implements pest management programs that enables your food processing facility to meet and exceed all third-party inspections and any internal quality assurance audits. When pests threaten millions of dollars of product, you need a partner who understands your business and that’s Truly Green Pest Service.


Multi Unit Housing

Pest can cause problems throughout your apartment complex including disease to your tents and litigation suits against your team.  Truly Green Pest Control can help you eliminate pest in and around your apartment complex.  We are the most trusted Natural pest control in Kansas and Missouri.



Healthcare is the most important place when it comes to preventing sickness and disease. Truly Green is the most trusted name in healthcare because we integrate a proactive plan to combat pest infestations before they enter the building.  Pest in healthcare facilities is a serious threat and can cause millions of dollars in law suits.  Truly Green Can help you focus in patients and business.



Truly Green  provides pest control services for hundreds of restaurants and food service establishments throughout Kansas City and Overland Park, KS. Competition is fierce and there is no time for a pest sighting in your business. Customers simply don't return and they will YELP you with a rating that is undesirable. Truly Green Pest Control is king of eliminating pest in restaurants.

Education Pest Control

School Pest Control

Bed Bugs can give you the recognition that you long been waiting for.  A spot on the front page and a 2 minute spot on the news to tell how disgusting the experience was at your hotel, motel or commercial lodging resort. Don't let your reputation go down the drain.  Our technicians will inspect each room with precision and will keep bed bugs out of your place of business.



Our sacred place is our schools. This is where kids learn, and kids are kept safe. It is only correct to say that each schools should be pest free from toxic chemicals. Truly Green keeps pest out through natural pest control . Wouldn't that make you happy to know your school supports green pest control?

Our Plan of Action To Reduce Pest Activity in Your Business

Extra attention is given to the five pest-activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points, and customer and employee areas. Also with our top rated 5 step inspection process we will never miss a pest! 


Inspection includes asking questions of the customer and examining the building thoroughly to learn as much as possible about the pest problem. Extra attention is given to the five pest-activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points, and customer and employee areas. 


Diagnosis includes identification of the pest and identification of any contributing factors (such as poor house keeping or moisture). It is important to identify the operation's traffic patterns, including the number of people who enter and exit the building everyday. 


Prescription includes what, how,when and where to use the desired control to correct the problem. Different types of pests require different types of treatments depending on their growth patterns and characteristics. 


Application of the materials is when the Truly Green Pest Service Technician has completed all the above steps. Non-chemical control options are always used before chemical control options are considered. 

After all our work is done we will conduct evaluations every three months to ensure that all the above steps will work.  This step is absolutely essential to the success of IPM. This includes accurate reporting of pest sightings and proper documentation for clients and regulatory agencies.