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Essential Oil

Essential oil treatment is safe around children and pets, are free of synthetic fragrances and not cruelly tested on animals.  WE HAVE IT!

Green & Natural

We offer green pest control throughout Kansas City. Natural, organic and green! Safe around family and pets!

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Go green and natural and stay safe from toxic chemicals in your home or business. 
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pet safe & child friendly

Do you have pets or kids? We are natural and green with botanical based products. Pet safe and child friendly pest control.

Kansas City Pest Control|Truly Green Pest Service

Green Pest Control

Environmentally friendly...Truly Green Pest Service mission is to provide the best organic pest control service for our customers throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. We offer complete services for residential and commercial customers. This is our 13th year in business and we have many satisfied customers that are still with us to this day! Our customers are a group of people who value the environment, air and water. 

We service a group of people who think natural and organic first. We also incorporate essential oils pest control for our customers as well. This is why Truly Green Pest Service is special. We will only employ organic,natural and non toxic materials on the exterior and interior of your home. Our customers know that we are safe around their kids, and pets. This is why it makes sense to use our company first.

Do you have ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, silverfish, bees, roaches or rodent? We offer green pest control to eliminate your problems. For residential customers, TGPS offers an All Season program. We will perform an interior and exterior inspection of your residence and follow up with the treatment if you are not satisfied provide four seasonal visits. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can get service for as little as $300.00 dollars per year.  If additional visits are needed, we will provide them for free...up to 30 days! r family, pets. and the environment.

What to Expect From TGPS

For over 10 years, we have taken our business seriously in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals, and we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout Kansas City to prove it. We use eco-friendly technology to test new and innovated products so we can protect your family from harmful chemicals that dangerous to you, your family, pets. and the environment.

Each Home is Special

When you have a insect problem or you want to be proactive , we apply our researched botanical products, certified by Rockwell laboratories science. During every visit, we will use our Integrated Pest Management steps to rid you of insect problems.

A Year-Round Solution we call All Season

Our technicians will visit on a regular schedule- year-round, to monitor your home and pest activity.We check for new issues while monitoring the status of previous treatments. If during our investigation, we spot something that could be conducive and needs urgent attention, we will inform you right away. 

News Letter

Help Us Fight Hunger for One !

Truly Green Pest Service recognizes the importance of giving back to the community the best way possible. We are green and natural. We also are compassionate to our neighbors who are with out. Especially families with children who may not have enough to eat or decent cloths to wear. 

Help us help families across Kansas City. Here are a few stats: Children are often among those most in need of food and clothing. We want to give 40 families a bag of groceries for the holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your donation of can goods will go a long way. (We can pick up donations as well) .

New customers are welcome and our current customers..we expect it, because you are green all the time! Happy Holidays, Robert Allen Truly Green Pest Service

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