Blow Flies

Blow flies are important to nature as they devour carcasses. They are the first sign of something dead, such as an animal or anything...

Blow Flies

There are many species of blow flies. They can be identified by their relatively large size ans shiny blue, green, copper or black abdomens. They are also called blue bottle flies, depending on the color: Blow flies are larger and more robust than house flies. Adults are strong fliers and are attracted to breeding sites from long distances. Blow flies, transmit more disease than the house fly; typhoid, cholera, Salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, and anthrax are just a few of the diseases they transmit. 

Blow fly maggots develop in materials such as cheese, eggs, meat, fish, dead animals and droppings of dogs and other animals.


Inspect and destroy all sources  of maggot infestations. Remove pet feces each week. The control measures recommended for house flies are in general effective against blow flies.

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