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Ants live in very orgainized colonies. They are social and have queens. A colongy can grow up to 6000 ants.  They can be found in the ground, in structures, under leaves and just about anywhere food source can be.  Ants are distinct in that it has three segments to their body, whereas, the closely resembled termite has two segments.  The Ant is comprised of a head, thorax and gaster.  Ants are very strong for their size. They can cary up to 30 times their body weight and can live up to 60 days.




Carpenter ants are one of the biggest ants.  It are 1/8 to half inch long. Carpenter ants are typically noticeable because of their wings.  It are among the largest ants in america, ranging from ¼- to ½-inch in length.  They are the most widespread pest ant noticed in homes throughout the northern United States.  Carpenter ants are definitely the largest pest ants in the United State.

Carpenter ants are so-named because these social insects excavate galleries in wood to create nest sites.  They are wood-destroying insects that threaten to damage your property.  It are classified as a wood destroying insect just like termites.  Tjey are one of the most common ants found in the mid-Atlantic states.  Carpenter ants are one of the most common ants found in Kentucky.

Carpenter ants are sometimes found in electrical boxes, such as fuse, meter, or timer boxes or appliances.  They are a large ant species.  They are a large species of ant that is very common in Missouri and Kansas.  They may be black, red, brown, tan, yellow, or some combination thereof, depending on the species. 





The field ant is usually misidentified as a carpenter ant.  These ants come in a variety of colors such as: black, tan, brown, red and black.

Field ants are typically in a sizable group of similar species. Generally, they may be located in yards and fields, and they are recognized by many names which include thatching, red or wood ants. The names replicate either the type of material they prefer for their nests or their color. While they're normally regarded as beneficial, from time to time larger populations could become an annoyance.. Field ants don’t invade homes very often. When the do enter homes it’s just because they are searching for sweets. Field ants primarily feed on honeydew from aphids, mealy-bugs, scale insects found on trees and shrubs.


 odor ant


Odorous ant workers are brown to black and   1/16- to 1/8-inch long.  The thorax has no spines, and the   petiole has one segment which, when viewed from above, is   hidden by the rest of the abdomen.   Odorous ant prevention tips include making sure to inspect the exterior of your home and seal any possible entry points.  Odorous ants are small and brown or black in color.  Odorous Ants can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness.  Many people call them odorous ant because of the nuisance body odor


 Kansas City Pest Control Service Acrobat Ant


Acrobat ants can cause damage as they build their nests and forage for food and water.  Acrobat ants are most distinguishable by their large, heart-shaped  gaster , or abdomen.  Acrobat Ants  are native to the United States and are identified by the workers holding their tail up above their thorax, like acrobats.  Acrobat Ants can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness.  Acrobat ant (Crematogaster lineolata) on an orchid (genus: Tipularia) in the chambers.  Acrobat ants reproduce very similarly to other ant species.




Pavement Ants are easily controlled with baits.  Pavement ant colonies become a nuisance when they invade homes in search of food.  They can enter the home through windows and tiny cracks and gaps.  Pavement ants are black or brown in color.  Pavement ants, also known as  Tetramoriam Caespitum,  are common pests.  Pavement ants  will eat almost anything: other insects, meats, seeds, grease and sweets.  Pavement ants are the small, reddish brown ants commonly seen along pavement and sidewalks.




Pharaoh ants can build large colonies consisting of numerous nests.  Pharaoh ants are usually about 1/16 inch long, have antennae, are colored light yellow to reddish-brown with the hind of the abdomen a little darker, and have 12 segments.  Pharaoh Ants can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness.  Pharaoh ants are tiny and they usually live indoors.  Pharaoh ants live in very large colonies that contain hundreds of thousands of workers and hundreds of reproductive females.


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