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How to get rid of bed roaches headerCockroach Facts:  No head?  No problem.  Cockroaches also need favorable places to live to successfully live and reproduce. Cockroach baits contain a slow-acting insecticide incorporated into a food attractant. 

Control methods may vary with different kinds of cockroaches and it is not unusual to find more than one species in the home.  

Cockroaches are dif´Čücult to control with insecticides for several reasons, one of which is that they may become resistant to commonly used compounds.

At Truly Green Pest Service we use the latest green technologies to keep the roaches out and you safe. Ask about our cockroach program today!

*Program doesn’t include treatment for: bed bugs, termites, serious brown recluse spider infestations, carpenter bees carpenter ants, and infestations requiring fumigation.
These services require an additional bid.