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Do I spray for Ants?

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To spay for ants or not to spray for ants is the question of the month.  Ants are in abundance due to the rainny season thus far. 

When you see a large colony of ants, it is very tempting to spay them immedietely because you will see instant results.  However, spraying them will disrupt their work pattern of following each other on a pheromone trail.

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Where Do Ants Go for The Winter

ant undergroundDuring peak season from spring to autumn, you will see ants foraging back and forth from their your kitchen and back down the driveway. You have probably noticed where the ants are going. You notice ants moving in and out of a hole or maybe under some rocks and leaves. Winter causes ants to seal off their nest with them in it to hibernate.

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Ticks and Center of Disease Control

mosquito-illustration_360x2861The Center of Disease Control  will be monitoring the nation's tick population  along with the diseases these predator ticks carry.  With the harsh winter we've had this year, you can count on a heavy tick season this year. 

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