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To spay for ants or not to spray for ants is the question of the month.  Ants are in abundance due to the rainny season thus far. 

When you see a large colony of ants, it is very tempting to spay them immedietely because you will see instant results.  However, spraying them will disrupt their work pattern of following each other on a phermone trail.

  If you disrupt that trail then the ants will bud...meaning they will disperse for survival.  As a result, you end up with ants everywhere.  

Ants are social but work as a team.  Each ant has a duty to carryout for the colony.  Ants must be served up a delicious meal of ant bait.  After they feed on the ant bait, they will share it with the Queen. Once the food is shared within the colonoy they will begin to die.  After a day or so...then you can use the spray to keep ants away.  If youu have any trouble with ants...Call Truly Green Pest Service...816-377-2811