Stinging Insects

Natural Pest Control for wasp, bees and hornets


Baldfaced Hornet

Baldfaced hornet is actually a yellow jacket.  It is sometimes called the white-faced hornet, but is actually a yellow jacket.  It is around an inch long and is colored black and white.  It is a large, with a body length of up to 3/4 of an inch.  Baldfaced hornet is the larger species, typically over 15 mm in length.


Bumble Bee

Bumble bee is a herbivorous  animal  feeding primarily on nectar.  It is a productive pollinator for spring-through-fall gardens and flowers.  It has everything you want that is good for you. Almost everything. When Bumble bees are stumbled upon...their attack could be massive and fatal.


Cicada Killer

Cicada killer is commonly found in residential areas, city parks, forest edges, golf courses and oil tank farms.  They is a solitary wasp, so you will only find one wasp per burrow.  They is a solitary wasp rather than a social wasp like the yellow jacket.  They is a solitary insect, which will burrow into soil for nest making.  Cicada killer is named because of their prey of choice – adult cicadas.