What is Your Pest?

Home Pest Control

We take care of every home for pest. Each home is different and requires a plan just for you! All Natural pests control.

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Commercial Pest Control

One small roach on the plate in the picture, and your business is ruined! Imagine that for a moment. We are #1 exterminator Kansas City. 

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Our Services

We Truly Know Pe​​st Control

Should I pay for pest control?

When you sign up with Truly Green Pest Control you are not just signing up for one particular pest, but a number of existing pests are included in the package: cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats, mice, wasps, centipedes, millipedes, clothes moths, house crickets, silverfish and termite treatment. Our service technicians can Identify your pest problems the first time and design a plan for your unique home to give you a pest free environment.

Is DIY pest control for you?

Pest cause billions of dollars per year. They can cause structure damage to your home and even be a danger to your health.  When pest control treatments is done by homeowners, the risk is that it may not be done correctly. All pests are not the same. Truly Green Pest Control technicians know how to treat specific pest based on location and habitant around your home. Working with Truly Green is an educational experience. We will educate you on how to keep pests away

Is pest control expensive?

Pest Control cost can be very due to the size of your home and location of environment. In addition, infestation level and type of pest being treated.  That’s because Truly Green customizes your Pest Control Plan according to your specific needs. Not all homes are the same. We are natural and organic pest control company with emphasis on essential oil; a peace of mind and health is priceless.  You can get started with a free quote today.

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