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We are a local natural pest control company ... in Kansas City and Overland Park, Kansas . Truly Green Pest Service offers services for residential and commercial business.


Our Response To Covid-19

March 16, 2020
To our residential clients: In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Truly Green Pest Control will temporarily suspend interior service due to considerations of the health and well-being of you, your family members, and our employees. We will continue the exceptional pest control service on the exterior of your home. However, if requested, we will provide interior service. Truly Green Pest Control has educated all our technicians and staff on the guidelines and practices recommended by the CDC. Our technicians will take the following extra precautions when servicing your home: All technicians will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after each service; Technicians will not be collecting signatures on their handheld devices at each service; Service orders at each account will be sent electronically; Before coming to your property the technician will put on a new set of black nitrile gloves. These new precautions supplement the existing safety standards set by the company, which help keep our employees and our customers healthy and safe. We want you to know that we take this health issue seriously and will closely follow information issued from the government at .

Thank you for your understanding,
T he Team at Truly Green Pest Control

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Carpenter Ants

Ants are annoying and can cause havoc in your home and leave un-healthy waste behind. Find out How Truly Green ant control services eliminates ants from your property.

Bed Bugs

Sleep tight but remember the bed bugs bite. Truly Green effective bed bug treatments can protect you from the vampire insects!


When rats and mice get into your home, nasty is sure to follow. Truly Green  can get rid of this diseased and property damaging rodent quickly.

Home Pest Control

Truly Green Pest Service mission is to provide all natural pest control for our customers throughout the Kansas City metro area.  We offer complete all natural pest service  for residential customers. This is our 13th year in business and we have many satisfied customers that are still with us to this day.

Our customers are a group of people who value the environment by believing in natural and organic exterminator service for all their pest control issues. We still have customers who offer up coffee grounds...And yes, we use diatomaceous earth as well.

When searching for exterminator in Kansas City  you need to decide what you want in your home. We offer pet safe pest control for the ones who cant speak for themselves. Although you just want the bugs gone, such as brown recluse, we give thought on how the insects and rodents are removed from your home or business.  

We understand that exterminator service is an investment and is a part of maintaining your home environment. Truly Green Pest Service iis a  local pest control company who serve the Kansas City area. We are not a big company but a personable and recognizable presence in Kansas City.

Natural Pest Control

We also incorporate child and pet safe solutions.  This is why Truly Green is so special.  It makes sense to use our company first for mosquito control, bed bug extermination and more...

You Have Bed bugs, Ants, Spiders, Termites, Fleas, Cockroaches,  or Others?

Do you have ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, silverfish, bees, roaches or rodent? We offer green pest services to eliminate all your problems. For residential customers, TGPS offers an All Season program. We will perform an interior and exterior inspection of your residence and follow up with the treatment if you are not satisfied. TGPS provide four seasonal visits. Spring, summer, fall, and winter

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Most Popular Questions

We get questions all the time. If you have been battling pest and need some expert advice, just ask Truly Green Pest Service. Or, look at the questions we answered for 100's  of customers like you.

Get Started asap! Termites can cause serious problems to your home. We will help you find problems that attact termites such as woodpiles and other moisture issues.

Roaches can be a daunting task in multi family complex. They can move to one apartment to the next. Your apartment should be on a comprehensive program. Call the manager to have Truly Green Pest Control safely remove them from your apartment

Truly Green Pest Control can inspect your home for bed bugs. We know the sigms of the blood sucker. We can develop a plan to safely and naturally remove bed bugs from your home.

What our customers say

I have been using Truly Green  for 3 years in my Restaurant. I am chemical free. Thats is all I want.  We will not let them go.

Kokoro Restaurant

I was looking for a exterminator company that was natural. I am a cancer survivor and I am glad we choose Truly Green Pest Control.


Our restaurant has decided to go green. We were scepticle at first. The techs are so thourough throutout the process. And our clients and employess are safe.


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