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My name is Robert Allen and I’m CEO and founder of Truly Green Pest Service of Kansas City a green pest control solution to your pest issues.

Back in 1994 I begin a career in ‘pest control’ in one of the largest companies in the world. I didn’t know it at the time but this was leading to a great career and top entrepreneur in this field.

Within the 1st year of working for the largest companies in the world, I noticed the amount of chemicals that we put inside business and residential homes on a daily basis. Of course there are rules and regulations, however, the amount of pesticides that the large companies use were staggering.

The chemicals that was used took a toll on our employees, and most of all, our customers. I often thought could pest be controlled in a natural way without the use of toxic pesticides. And would it work. So, I started Truly Green Pest Service. We knew people were cautious with their children, pets, and environment. I knew starting a green pest control company would be good for my health and at the same time good for my customers. We are green and natural with what we use in our customers homes and business. All we do have to be covered through natural and organic methods.  If we cant solve the problem, then, we will not do it.

Now we cover the entire Metropolitan area of Kansas City. Our customers love what we do for them, and our employees or much more safer than ever before.  I am proud to serve my customers and the environment we live in.


Robert Allen


Truly Green Pest Service


Robert Allen

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