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Wood Infesting

Imnagine you spend $350,000 dollars on your dream home. You walk into the garage and see what looks like a mud tube going verticle from the floor up to the ceiling located in the frame that house the garage door. Termites will simply eat the wood in your house.  And if go on treated, structural damage is for sure.

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Carpenter bee has a hairless, black, shiny, metallic-looking abdomen that appears to change color in different lights.  They has a fuzzy yellow thorax and a shiny black abdomen.  They is usually 2/3 to one inch long and has a shiny black abdomen.  They is so called because of its habit of excavating tunnels in wood with its strong jaws.  Carpenter bee nests are provisioned in the spring and summer.  After emerging, the young adults fly and feed briefly before overwintering in the tunnels.  Carpenter bee removal and damage repair can be difficult, partially because of the heights involved.



carpenter ant pest control

Carpenter ants are one of the biggest ants.  It are 1/8 to half inch long. Carpenter ants are typically noticeable because of their wings.  It are among the largest ants in america, ranging from ¼- to ½-inch in length.  They are the most widespread pest ant noticed in homes throughout the northern United States.  Carpenter ants are definitely the largest pest ants in the United State.

Carpenter ants are so-named because these social insects excavate galleries in wood to create nest sites.  They are wood-destroying insects that threaten to damage your property.  It are classified as a wood destroying insect just like termites.  Tjey are one of the most common ants found in the mid-Atlantic states.  Carpenter ants are one of the most common ants found in Kentucky.

Carpenter ants are sometimes found in electrical boxes, such as fuse, meter, or timer boxes or appliances.  They are a large ant species.  They are a large species of ant that is very common in Missouri and Kansas.  They may be black, red, brown, tan, yellow, or some combination thereof, depending on the species.


termite chart

Termites are social insects that live  in  highly  organized colonies.  They are insects that live in large colonies, where the population can reach more than 1 million termites.  They are social insects that live in colonies that are made up of at least three different castes.  They are small to medium-sized, soft-bodied insects that live in colonies and feed on wood and wood products.  Termites are beneficial insects in the natural environment because they break down wood debris to convert it to soil.  

*Program doesn’t include treatment for: bed bugs, termites, serious brown recluse spider infestations, carpenter bees carpenter ants, and infestations requiring fumigation.
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Termites are best known for eating wood, but they’ll also destroy paper products, cardboard boxes, furniture, and various other items.  They are aptly called a “hidden enemy” because they work in the dark, inside the wood actually eating it.  They can digest sound wood, but decay fungi make their work much easier.  They are active year-round and work day and night.  Termites are active year round, but here in Central Texas, termite swarm season is typically in the early spring.  

Termites are responsible for over $1 billion in damage each year in the United States.  They are discovered in more than 5 million homes on average each year in the United States.  They are the most common and costly wood-destroying pest found in the United States.  They can cause problems for houses throughout the continental United States.  Termites are small white, tan, or black insects that can cause severe destruction to wooden buildings.