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Rodent Explosion

More Rodents in The Next Few Months

If  you thought you had seen enough of rats and mice in your neighborhood, brace yourself for more. According to experts, the rodent population is expected to increase in the next few months due to several factors.

One of the main reasons is the change in weather. As the winter approaches, rodents will seek warmer and cozier places to nest and breed. This means they will invade homes, businesses, and other structures that offer shelter and food sources.

Another reason is the impact of the pandemic on human behavior. With more people staying at home, working remotely, or ordering food online, there is more waste and clutter that attracts rodents. Moreover, some of the pest control services that used to keep the rodent population in check have been disrupted or reduced due to lockdowns and social distancing measures.

Finally, rodents are also adapting to the new environment and becoming more resilient and resourceful. They can find new ways to access buildings, evade traps, and resist poisons. They can also reproduce quickly and multiply their numbers in a short time. 

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Rodents Control


Mice and rats are nasty...however, they want the same comforts as you. Food, shelter, and water. You have what they want and they will come and get it!

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