How To Get Rid of Cave Crickets

What to Do

Your very own pest management professional (PMP) will offer guidance to assist you to manage these pests. Homeowners should fix poor ventilation and maintain grass lawns to not have cave cricket problems. For existing infestations, it is important to locate and eradicate all possible breeding conditions. Piles of moistened wood or leaves in or surrounding your home or business really should be eliminated. The basement and crawlspace should always be kept ventilated and dry. Inserting screens on crawlspace vents and basement windows will also help to keep these crickets out.

Truly Green Pest Service technician is trained to help manage crickets of all types... and similar pests. Every home is different and may require a different approach. One shoe does not fit all.  We will implement a detailed cricket treatment program to eradicate these annoying crickets. 

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