How to Get Rid of Mole Crickets


Mole crickets are strange-looking bugs which are acquiesced by their particular huge, shovel-like forward feet that look like those of moles. They live in lawns where they actively dig quickly and. Damage to lawns can happen quickly once populations that are large present. Mature mole crickets can fly and are also interested in lights that are exterior which bring them to the presence of individuals. This unusual-looking pest often causes issue with a homeowners until they will have it identified by way of a professional. These crickets is nocturnal & most of their particular everyday lives were invested underground where their burrows can extend since deep as 30 inches. There are certain common species including the northern or common mole cricket (Neocurtilla hecadactyla), the south mole cricket (Scapteriscus vicinus), the short-winged mole cricket (S. abbreviatus) while the tawny mole cricket (Scapteriscus acletus). The latter three is introduced types and are also initially indigenous to South USA.


Mole crickets are normal for the eastern US, but they are more widespread when you look at the Southeast, especially in Florida. Mole crickets were really serious insects of yards, especially on tennis courses. The damage is the burrowing tasks, in addition they feast upon the turfgrass root system.

Tips For Control 

Where mole crickets are found to be infesting lawns, the lawn will need to managed... having a residual pest control goods labeled for turfgrasses or with mole cricket bait. Usually it's always best to consult  a lawn care business, given that time of programs is important to the successful control of this pest. Whenever mole crickets are being lured in to exterior lights on a homes or building, the lights should stay down or off if not required or change the light bulbs up to a kind less appealing to insects ( e.g., yellowish bug lighting or sodium vapor lamps).

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