Texas Leaf Cutter Ant

Texas Leaf Cutter cut up green leaves and buds and carry them in columns to their nest, located in well drained sandy or loamy soils. They chew the vegetation into mulch and use it to grow fungus, on which they feed almost exclusively, in underground chambers. In addition, they eat corn, cornmeal, flour, rice, peas, wheat, oats, bread, cake and coffee grounds.  All colonies haver several queens. Their population can grow into the millions of workers.  They bite but do not sting.  


Leafcutting ants build their nests in soil. They are primarily outdoor pests found in warm, agricultural areas. However, it's not uncommon for leafcutting ants to be found nesting in urban neighborhoods. They also occasionally enter structures, but leave quickly.

Leafcutting Ant Prevention

Nest location is critical in the prevention of leafcutting ants. Trailing workers can usually be found and followed at night when they forage. Often there will be leaf pieces along the trail and at the nest entrances, which are a sign of these ants.

Consider working with a licensed pest professional to employ a preventative pest management plan.