Types of Cockroaches

American Cockroach
Asian Cockroach
Australian Cockroach
Brown Banded Cockroach
Cuban Cockroach
Florida Woods Cockroach
German Cockroach
Oriental Cockroach
Smoky Brown Cockroach
Surinam Cockroach
Wood Cockroach

About Those Cockroaches

Cockroaches...they eat and they hide! They are everywhere and will go anywhere from cruise ships to five star restaurants and hotels and eventually your home. They can travel incognito through electrical lines, plumbing, and room to room and even to the residence next door. 

  Cockroach Infestations

When you see hitchhikers on the road looking for a ride, I wonder if they got that from cockroaches. German Cockroaches are one of the best. They usually get into a structure by way of a cargo box, are hidden in furniture, or just plain shopping bags from your local grocer.  Then there is the other cockroaches that live in five star sewer drains...or just in the landscape adjacent to your home.

The majority of roaches like to rest on wood materials versus metal surfaces. Their cute little claws can't cling to surfaces that is hardly porous. So when you open your cabinets, you are most likely to find them there.  German Cockroaches leave fecal matter around as a pheromone trail to attract their friends. This is important to sanitize for possible infestations.  We call this an aggregation point. 

Sanitation is very important when eliminating roaches.  Prepping include removing dish items before treating for roach infestations. Good sanitation is bad for the roach world. It makes bait the only thing available for them to eat and survive...I we all know how that ends.

Managing Cockroach Infestations

Truly Green Pest Service experts begin by inspecting and identifying harborage spots such as; electrical outlets, plumbing, sink areas and other areas conducive to roach survival. 

There are cases where vacuuming us necessary to remove large numbers. Bait and other crack and crevices treatments will follow with high mortality rates for the roaches.  We can use a variety of treatments...mainly green approaches that is safe around your kids, pets, and environment. 

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