About Spiders

 Arthropods is the group that spiders belong to. Spiders are in every corner of the earth. They come in different sizes. Some small and some very large such as the tarantula. Lots of spiders will not cause harm to the human, however there are to infamous spiders that can cause serious harm and that is the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. They both are venomous.  

Biology of Spiders

Spiders for their size is a great hunter who will feed on other spiders, insects, and even reptiles. 

You can tell how the differ from other insects. They have two body regions. Other insects have three. These two regions are the cephalothorax — eyes, mouthparts, and legs and abdomen. 

  • Spiders have 4 pair of legs versus three pair from other insects. 
  • Spiders can have upwards of eight pair of eyes. Some have fewer
  • The abdomen is unsegmented and contains the genital structures, spiracles and the spinnerets used to spin silk.
  • Many types of spiders spin some type of web, and the shape or type of web is often as distinctive as the spider itself. Other spiders are active hunters that move about looking for prey, but they do not spin webs.

Spider Bites

One of the spiders that bite the most is Brown Recluse.  To Avoid Getting bit by Brown Recluse is by following a few steps: 

If you are prone to Brown recluse, try storing cloths in a plastic sealed bag and the same with shoes. .

Cloths that are thrown on the floor should be inspected as well. Shake them before putting them on. Spiders could hide there as well. 

Beds should be moved out so they do not touch walls or curtains. Bed skirts around the box springs should be removed from beds, and bedspreads coming near or touching the floor should not be used.


Truly Green Pest Control will implement proven brown recluse spider treatment techniques including prescriptive products carefully applied to hard to reach areas where these cryptic spiders are prone to develop. 

Because brown recluse can live up to 10 months without food, ongoing pest control services provide the best protection against brown recluse spiders and other household pests that they may prey on. Though most home pest control programs do not cover brown recluse, Truly Green Pest Service offers special versions of our Premier plans that do include treatment for these venomous arachnids. Brown recluse spiders are very prevalent in Kansas City and Overland Park, Kansas... so if you think you may have a brown recluse spider problem in your home, you can count on Truly Green Pest Control to take care of these venomous spiders.

Types of Spiders

Domestic House Spider
Funnelweb Spider
Garden Spider
Hobo Spider
Jumping Spider
Spiny Backed Orb Weaver
Yellow Sac Spider
Black Widow Spider