Brown Relcuse Spider Management

Truly Green Pest  Control will help eliminate brown recluse spiders from your home in Kansas  and  Missouri

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Brown Recluse Spider Extermination

Truly Green Pest Control is trained in removing this venomous spider from your home. We understand the biology of the spider as well as were it is going to live.  Our services include:


We systematically inspect your home- from the attic to the foundation to evaluate if brown recluse are present. The recluse spiders common to IN, KY, and IL are known for the fiddle-shaped marking on their backs. We’ll also discreetly place monitors throughout the home to determine activity levels.


Truly Green Pest Control will implement proven brown recluse spider treatment techniques including prescriptive products carefully applied to hard to reach areas where these cryptic spiders are prone to develop. Because brown recluse can live up to 10 months without food, ongoing pest control services provide the best protection against brown recluse spiders and other household pests that they may prey on. Though most home pest control programs do not cover brown recluse, Action offers special versions of our Complete and Premier plans that do include treatment for these venomous arachnids. Brown recluse spiders are very prevalent in Kansas City and Overland Park, Kansas... so if you think you may have a brown recluse spider problem in your home, you can count on Truly Green Pest Control to take care of these venomous spiders.